Our job is to worry about the finer details of how your data is secured, so you don’t have to.

Here’s a short list of what you can expect from our product.

Private by Design

We take privacy seriously. Uno uses your email as an account identifier and to communicate with you, and, optionally, your mobile number as a social identifier so your peers can find you. This is all Uno knows about you. We never see your private logins, browsing data, emails, etc. We stand by our privacy policy.

Local Data Ownership

Our software serves you. Uno is designed so that all sensitive operations like encryption, decryption, OAuth flows and email access, and account creation and recovery, happen locally on devices you own and control. Our servers just make sure all your different devices stay up-to-date as you use Uno everywhere. Uno is non-custodial.

Advanced Protection

We’re serious about keeping you safe online. Uno uses battle tested best practice elliptic curve 25519 cryptographic algorithms to encrypt your data and to sign messages between components and users within our system. Your secret data is mathematically indistinguishable from random noise and provably authentic and accurate so it can’t be spoofed.

Social Recovery

Never remember a password or print a recovery phrase or secret key again. Uno enlists your friends to keep that information safe for you. Our social recovery feature is built atop standard private key backup and storage primitives born out of the crypto wallet community. SLIP-0039 is a battle tested protocol for splitting and recombining private key material.

Modern Tools

We use tools that keep us on our best behavior so we can keep the code safe and sound. Uno's software is written in modern, memory safe languages like Rust, Swift, and Typescript. This means there is a far smaller surface area for traditional exploits and vulnerabilities to make their way into our software.

Open Source

Trust is a two way street. Our software is open source so it can be audited by the security community and so you can verify every one of our statements. Check out our Rust reference implementation at: https://github.com/withuno/identity. If you are curious about more details, please explore our product design and engineering blog.