How to Protect Your Instagram Account

by Sydney Lewis
3 min read

Getting your Instagram hacked is super invasive and inconivent. An Instagram account can mean many different things to many different people, from being a business to being a digital photobook. Luckily, there are ways to retrieve your account!

How to get back into your account:

Option 1. Request a login link from Instagram

  • On the Login page, select "Forgot Password".
  • Once selected, you will be prompted to enter your username, phone number, or email. You will then be sent your login link.

Option 2: Login with Facebook

  • If you already have a Facebook page, you are able to log in with Facebook account on the Login page.

Option 3: Verify your identity with a video selfie

  • Select "Can't reset your password?" on the login page, and you will be prompted to submit a video selfie to confirm your identity. Make sure to select the option that indicates you have images of your face on your Instagram page.

  • Once you enter your previous password, you will be able to submit your video selfie.

Option 4: Request a security code

  • Select "Forgot password?" on the login page
  • Select "Can't reset your password?"
  • Once you have submited your phone number or phone number, you will be sent your security code.

How to protect your account once you've regained access:

  • Enable Two-factor authentication
    • First, access your Settings, and then selet Security.
  • Once in Security, select Two-factor authentication.
  • Select "Get Started" and you can either choose your method of secuirity, or you can use Duo Mobile and use your login code.
  • Change your password
    • To change your password, you access Settings, and then select Security.
  • Once you have selected Security, select "Passwords."
  • Enter your current password, following the new password you have created.

While recovering your Instagram after being hacked is possible, it is not always certain. My sister had her Instagram hacked, and not only was is super intrusive and exploitative to have someone be using her account, but she was also unable to get it back. Because of this, it is super important to considering using a password manager to save and protect your passwords, and to keep all of your accounts and personal information safe.

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